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Interactive installation with VR, 2017
We have mirrors and photographs, but our self-perception is trapped within the mediality of the 'Abbildung' (image/reproduction).
With Virtual Reality this can be overcome, since vision is detached from the own body. Does this also detach and dissolve self-perception as known until today? Is this a first step towards trans-humanism?

It isn't. We recognize ourselves with even low-resolution, square-y, hollow representations of ourselves. But we don't associate with the body, can't move naturally, are awkwardly lost in overlapping physical and virtual spaces. The movement of the own body, the movement of others entering the light cube (a physical take on the chaperone usually used in VR to remind users of the physical limits) and the movement of the virtual camera are quite overwhelming.
Installation view at Neue Sortierung (Schacht Dölitz), Leipzig [credit: ? / THIS IS FAKE]
Short documentary video (1:37, no audio)
Participants experiment games within the installation
Same view, but as seen in VR

Real-time 3D data is acquired through Kinect RGBD-cameras
Multi-camera aggregation and networking is facilitated by: Kowalski, M.; Naruniec, J.; Daniluk, M.: "LiveScan3D: A Fast and Inexpensive 3D Data Acquisition System for Multiple Kinect v2 Sensors". in 3D Vision (3DV), 2015 International Conference on, Lyon, France, 2015
One key aspect missing in this documentation — so far — is the role of the person in virtual reality as a performer. On the other hand, the one-regarding-themself is in the attention of everybody not in VR. He is looked at without being able to look back. The light cube creates a physical sub-space in the surrounding (physical) exhibition space. This sub-space is usually accepted as a stage, the invisible boundaries aren't trespassed by viewers. The privacy of the own body experience, of losing oneself in immersion, of moving in a virtual environment - it is involuntarily presented as a performance.
The light cube was fitted into the industrial exhibition room to create a sub-space and stage, inspired by the in-VR chaperone