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- QualityLand Marc-Uwe Kling
- Humans as software extensions (Will you be my plugin?)
Kind of recommended

- Ecstasy 10x yellow Twitter 120mg Mdma (Shipped from Germany for 0.1412554 Bitcoins)
  !Mediengruppe Bitnik   Highly recommended if you don't know their work yet, otherwise just what you expected
- Die göttliche Informatik Rainer Rehak
- Pointing Fingers at 'The Media' (The Bundestagswahl 2017 and Rise of the AfD)
- Social Cooling - big data’s unintended side effect
  Tijmen Schep
- Robot Music (The Robots Play Our Music and What Do We Do?)
  Jacob Remin & goto80 Don't expect any art-conceptual insights though