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Jahresbericht 2017

This is my attempt to answer some of the nice messages I got in the last weeks. Although, using my camera very little makes recalling the events of this year a little harder. Notice: I'm using xkcd-style comments-in-alt-text here. Which means: Hover your mouse over the picture to read the comment.
Not too much happened in January, there's nothing relevant on the reel, except for this blurry footage of a mysterious bird that appeared repeatedly on a far roof.
A blurry picture of a bird
I haven't seen him since. Oh. There's a short film I finished with M. F. — that was January, too.

I've sent it to a bunch of festivals since but it hasn't attracted any love. Still it was an interesting experience to go through all the stages of producing a short film and actually finish something (which I haven't always been expert at in the past).

My Birthday, handing in my thesis (computer science!) and "Rundgang" with raum234.bsp — all in one day.
A little trip around Europe where I met and couch-surfed some of you.
That's a dead link right now, but I'll upload some pictures soon.
Presented my thesis as a poster at QoMEX 2017 and am now appearing on Google Scholar. ✓ (Unicode Character 'CHECK MARK' U+2713)
A family vacation. Sailing around Mallorca. The two essential pictures:
Me, on a self-built swing attached to the mast of the yacht. Yes, I did break my rib afterwards.
Me, experimenting with "being German" at Ballermann.
Preparing and running a group show, all in VR, in a now-defunct lignite mine site: THIS IS FAKE (Website in reconstruction, but there are videos here and here)
A 3D-scan of me, talking a lot.
That was a bit exhausting. After a North Sea cool-down (no pun intended) phase, renovation work at R.'s house in Selchow (Storkow) in Brandeburg called, as a balance to all the art.
Really, how much more impressive is a brick and mortar wall (no pun intended) as opposed to a VR world.
Also, this is O. who takes up significant amounts of time in my life now.
Tiny solo-show in Berlin with one of the THIS IS FAKE projects and another VR-participation in a group show. To much of my own surprise I got positive responses from two competitions where I had sent in works I had mostly finished in Lisbon: The HGB Study Award exhibition in Leipzig,
Many people thought this was just art, BUT IT'S A REAL HYPERLINK THAT WORKS ON THE REAL INTERNET!!1!!1!
As y'all are lazy, this is the link in the picture. It was a bit disappointing to realize that less than 30 people visited the website throughout the exhibition duration. Apparently web-based art still has a long way to go in public reception. and the German [Youth] Multimedia Award in Dresden (where the setup was done so brutally that I won't dare to upload a picture here).
The Dresden exhibition sent me to Budapest for a partner-show.
Boy with a maybe-not-all-hope-in-art-is-lost face.
And finally an experimental performance at a school project group-show in Leipzig.
I don't have any documentation for this project yet, so everybody just be creeped out by my massive eye.
2017 closed as fast and packed as it was. The 27th already I left the cosy and calm christmas home and attended the 34C3 conference (some of the talks I recommend are listed here). I've been thinking a lot about just how packed, just how many exhibitions, just how much in general (and what of course) I want to do in the upcoming year. Maybe it's been a little too much. For now it looks like I'll take some sort of a break from the media art studies after doing my pre-diploma in summer and re-connect with the real world a bit. Maybe finally pick up on the electronic medical record system work again. Or at least attend a different art school. At least I hope to get to see and spent time with many of you.

Happy 2018!