Structure v0.15.2 (Abstractionism)


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I describe Structure as "A performance-at-interaction oriented and reasonably stylish bookmarking tool for (eventually) everything."

It does a few of the things I was lacking in other bookmarking tools:
- fuzzy organization (multi-tagging instead of hierarchy, title and comment field, everything fully searchable)
- scalable (it should handle 5+ years of bookmarks... so 10k+)
- keyboard-interaction focused (although some details are currently not keyboard-accessible)
- not ugly
- targets everything (URLs/websites, text notes, local files1)
- privacy
- self-determination (export1 your data and leave)
What it doesn't do:
- perfect privacy (it does HTTPS but no client-side encryption - either you trust me or you run your own instance. also it relies on GitHub OAuth2 for authentication due to laziness about rolling an own authentication system)
- tons of apps and integrations (there is a proof-of-concept Android app though)

And it will do a few things I was asked for:
- screenshots1 (for the visual among us)
- snapshots1 (of source code - disappearing and changing websites anybody?)

1 Coming soon, as of Jan 2018. Have a look at the issues on GitHub.

Structure screenshot
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You will need a GitHub account for authentication.
You're data will be stored on neopostmodern servers.